Are Bing Ads a part of your search marketing strategy? If the answer is no, it means you are passing up on more than 30% of the search traffic in the US, much lower cost per clicks, and a great chance to easily increase your ROI.

These are the seven main reasons to start using Bing ads right now:

1. Get more traffic and conversions

Adding Bing ads to your digital marketing strategy will instantly increase your overall website traffic and conversions. Bing holds over 30% of the search marketplace in the US, with searches from Bing, Yahoo, Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s Siri and many other websites as search partners. Passing on Bing means passing on a lot of traffic, especially in the US, without any good reason to do so. The Bing search volumes are constantly increasing, and you should definitely be in on that growth.

2. Your competitors are not there

If you’re reading this post, you are probably aware of the fact that many marketers still ignore Bing ads, using only Google AdWords for paid search traffic. Well, their loss can be your gain. Since some (or all) of your competitors are not yet using Bing ads, the competition is much lower, which makes it easier to get the traffic you need. In some cases, you may find yourself the only bidder on certain keywords.

3. Pay less for the same clicks

Obviously, lower competition also means lower bids and a lower cost per click. Since fewer advertisers are competing and bidding on the same keywords, a lower bid is required, and you will pay less for a click on that keyword than you would on AdWords. For some keywords, the difference can be as high as 50%.

4. Increase your ROI

The obvious outcome of a lower cost per click is getting a higher ROI. Of course, the cost per click is not the only factor in the final outcome of the ROI, but if you make sure to reach high-quality users with relevant keywords and relevant ads (just as you should do on Google AdWords), the lower cost per click on Bing will eventually get you a higher ROI. From personal experience, Bing’s final CAC (Cost per acquired customer) is usually about 20% – 30% lower than Google’s. The number of customers obtainable through Bing will definitely be lower, but you will spend less money and time to get them.

5. Import your campaigns from Google AdWords

Setting up Bing ads is super-easy, and it practically takes a few minutes. Bing allows you to copy your AdWords campaign directly from the Bing ads interface. Not only that, Bing will automatically switch the UTM-source on your URLs from “Google” to “Bing”, allocating your traffic and conversions correctly.


Simply click on “Import from Google”, sign-in to your Google account and choose the campaigns you wish to copy from Google AdWords. The copied campaigns will be uploaded to Bing within minutes. What’s also really great about this feature is not having to spend much time on optimizing your Bing campaigns. Just copy the changes and updates you made in your AdWords campaigns to Bing. It is possible to update even only bids, budgets, ads or any combination of these. Basically, this means you can optimize only your AdWords campaign, and automatically update your Bing campaigns accordingly. Of course, if time usage is not an issue for you, optimizing Bing ads separately on the Bing interface will get you even better results.

6. Control where your text ads appear

Unlike Google AdWords, Bing is fully transparent about search partners and their performance. Bing offers detailed reports on the performance of each search partner in your campaigns, including their full metrics, from impressions to conversions.
You can exclude any search partner if you are not satisfied with the result obtained. It is highly recommended that you check this report regularly. Managing the search partners correctly can be a game changer in your Bing ads performance. It is obvious that you should exclude those who are not as cost-effective as you might expect, but you should also exclude the search partners with extremely low CTR who damages your overall CTR and lower your keywords quality score. This feature is not available at all on Google AdWords.

7. Only one tag is required

Bing’s Universal Event Tracking allows you to track results and create remarketing lists by integrating only one tag.  Integrating multiple pixels and importing events and audiences from one to another is not required as it is with Google AdWords and Google Analytics. The Universal event tracking enables you to tag your site only once, without the need to create or add new tags each time you add new conversions you wish to count.

How to start using Bing ads?

All that’s left to do now is set up an account on Bing, add a payment method, and copy your Google AdWords campaigns. Your ads will be live and running within hours (or sooner), and visible to users searching on Bing, Yahoo, and many other websites.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you wish to analyze your website and marketing efforts, and really improve results, you are welcome to try our new analytics tool for Free.