Discover the tools that will help you get the most out of your website and reach your business goals.

The success of your business is often reliant on how well your website is performing and actually helping you reach your business goals. Luckily for you, several tools are available which can help you get the most out of your website.

Here are the top 7 tools every website owner should know about:

1. Google search console – See what your visitors search for.

The Google search console allows website owners to see what their website visitors were searching for on Google when they got to their website.

The Google search console can help you to analyze your website’s organic traffic coming in from Google, and possibly adjust your website accordingly in order to increase it. For example, you can see how many times your website appeared as a result for a certain search term, how many people clicked on your site from that search term, and what your average ranking was (meaning how high on Google your website appeared for a certain search term). If you’re ranked low on an important search term for your business, you might want to consider changing your page headline to be more similar to the ones that outranked you.

Knowing which search terms deliver traffic to your website is gold. It can help you understand your visitors’ profiles better and use this information in your website pages, content and marketing efforts.


Use of the search console is completely free.

2. SE Ranking –  Outrank your competitors on Google.

SE Ranking is a unique and powerful search engine optimization tool providing website owners with all the information they need to rank higher on Google and get more organic traffic.

Using SE ranking will help you monitor and assess how your website is ranked on Google, compared with your competitors or similar sites which are also appearing as a result of the same search terms. See where your competitors outrank you and learn how they do it by discovering which page headlines or URLs are causing you to win or lose at the never-ending “battle” to rank higher on Google and other search engines.


SE ranking offers several pricing plans, starting at $7 per month for a personal account, up to $189 per month for an enterprise.

3. Oribi – Get to know your website and users better.

Oribi makes it possible for website owners of any size or type to be completely data-driven. Unlike the traditional website analytics tools that can be very expensive and complicated, Oribi offers a simple and fast set-up process and a very clear user interface with easy to understand data at a fixed affordable price.

Oribi will help you to easily understand your website performance and users’ behavior. See each user’s actions and how much time they are spending on each page and in each session. You can also see how they initially became your users, which marketing channel is performing well, which landing page has the highest conversion rate and much more. It will automatically collect 100% of your site events and users’ data, without the need to make frequent code changes. It will help you track your marketing channels and conversions from various channels and automatically alert you to any change in your performance, along with what caused it. For example, you will be alerted to a decrease in conversions coming from Google, and be notified when and why it happened.


Oribi grants a 30 days’ free trial and then offers a fixed price of $89, no matter the volume of website traffic or events you wish to track.

4. Optimizely – Turn more visitors into users.

Optimizely will help you increase your website conversion rates by allowing you to create different variations of any page or element on your site, test their results and see which works better. The experiments can be either textual or visual, and it’s actually very easy to completely change the design of your pages without dealing with your website code.

Simply choose your test criteria, like a different call to action button or a different background image. Create an experiment with different variations and see which produces better results. You decide what is considered better results by setting up the actions you wish to get more of. If getting users to sign up is your goal, set it up in Optimizely, and easily determine which variation causes more visitors to sign up.


Optimizely pricing is based on the number of visitors arriving at your experiments, with different pricing ranges according to your traffic volumes. For example, paying $100 a month will enable you to run tests on about 2,000 impressions. You are also afforded a free trial period to allow you to test its effectiveness.

5. Disqus – Increase engagement on your website.

Disqus is a unique plugin that allows you to enable your website visitors to engage with your website through commenting and contacting you on any page or blog post.

Allowing your website visitors to leave comments is one of the best ways to increase engagement; it also turns your website visitors or blog readers into members of your community and keeps them coming back. It allows your visitors to log into a single account to comment on millions of websites that also use Disqus, including yours. They don’t need a unique sign-up process to engage with your website, in fact, they can also log in through their social media accounts, which makes it even easier.

Using Disqus or a similar tool is absolutely a must if you have a blog on which you are posting content. It enables your blog readers to comment on your posts, ask questions, offer new ideas, and generally become more engaged and potentially become a loyal reader or a distributor of your blog.


If you are willing to integrate ads, you may use Disqus for free. In addition to that, there are three different pricing ranges which include different features and abilities, from $10 to $99 per month.

6. Intercom – Connect with your users.

Intercom is a customer messaging platform packed with various features that allow you to connect with your website visitors and users.

With Intercom, various means of contact with your users become available. For example, you can use it to create an instant pop-up chat that goes live once a visitor reaches your website. You can also choose to contact your users via email or push notification, directly from your Intercom account.

Intercom also enables you to track your users, segment them as you choose, and create different messaging for each chosen segment.


Intercom has very flexible pricing based on a “pay for what you need” method, so you can “build” your own package according to your own needs.

7. Grammarly – Make sure everything you type clear, effective and error-free.

Grammarly is actually one of my personal favorite tools, which I use all the time. Grammarly will instantly proofread any text you are writing and will correct your grammar, punctuation, and style, and offer you corrections when needed. Grammarly can see to it that you do not publish a text on your site or a blog post with spelling or grammar mistakes since it catches many mistakes overlooked by the regular spell-check.

Use Grammarly on a regular basis when updating your website texts or writing a new blog post. No matter what you are writing, click on the Grammarly icon and it will go over your text and correct you if needed.


Grammarly is basically a free Chrome extension, but it also offers a paid premium account with added features. You can choose to pay $29.95 on a monthly basis, $19.98 on a quarterly basis, or $11.66 on an annual basis.

Do you have any suggestions of your own? Leave us a comment and let us know. By the way, if you wish to try Oribi for free, click here and start your free trial now.