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By Asi Dayan March 02, 2017

Supercharge Your SEM with Single Keyword Ad Groups

02 Mar 2017

Supercharge Your SEM with Single Keyword Ad Groups

Outrank your competition, lower your costs, and significantly improve your marketing results and ROI with single-keyword ad groups!

Getting better results from AdWords and Bing Ads can sometimes seem like an impossible mission, especially when competing with large-scale advertisers with deep pockets. Learn why and how to use single-keyword ad groups, to beat your competition and maximize results.

What are single-keyword ad groups?

Single-keyword ad groups are exactly what they sound like – ad groups that contain one keyword only. The only thing that can be a bit confusing, is that it’s actually one keyword, but it can be of different match types, so Google or Bing will actually consider it as two or three keywords, depending on which match types you are using.

A single-keyword ad group with multiple match type will look like this:

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 6.42.59 PM

As you can see, it’s the same keyword “oribi analytics”, but in exact, phrase and modified broad match types.…

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01 Feb 2017

7 Surprising Ways to Improve Your AdWords Campaigns

Optimizing your AdWords campaigns can be a huge headache. Endlessly going through multiple campaigns, ad groups and keywords, is exhausting, and in many cases ineffective. In this post, we will share seven surprising ways you may have never thought of to quickly optimize your AdWords campaigns, and see a huge improvement with very little efforts.

1. Don’t always be number one

Average position is one of the most followed metrics by paid search marketers, who are constantly trying to rank higher than the competition and reach the 1st position. Having your ad appear as the first one at the top of the search results page will certainly get you more traffic, but does it really pay off? The answer is – most likely no!

Being in the first position usually requires a much higher bid compared to what it takes to be second or third, even if you have a high-quality score, and in most cases will dramatically increase your CPA, up to the point that it is not cost effective.…

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22 Dec 2016

7 Reasons You Should Definitely Use Bing Ads

Are Bing Ads a part of your search marketing strategy? If the answer is no, it means you are passing up on more than 30% of the search traffic in the US, much lower cost per clicks, and a great chance to easily increase your ROI.

These are the seven main reasons to start using Bing ads right now:

1. Get more traffic and conversions

Adding Bing ads to your digital marketing strategy will instantly increase your overall website traffic and conversions. Bing holds over 30% of the search marketplace in the US, with searches from Bing, Yahoo, Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s Siri and many other websites as search partners. Passing on Bing means passing on a lot of traffic, especially in the US, without any good reason to do so. The Bing search volumes are constantly increasing, and you should definitely be in on that growth.…

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30 Nov 2016

5 Powerful SEM Tools to Crush Your Competitors

Use these SEM tools to rank higher, write better text ads, spy on your competitors strategy, and get more search traffic.

With the increasing competition that is making SEM harder and more expensive, it’s crucial for paid search marketers to know every possible trick and use any possible SEM tool that can help beat the competition.

1. Ubersuggest – Discover more keywords

Most paid search marketers are using the Google Keywords Planner to get new keywords ideas, but there are more search queries to use than what is suggested by Google. Ubersuggest is a free tool that will help you get even more keywords that are not being offered by the Google keyword planner, especially longer ones that are not being used by your competitors.

Ubersuggest offers new search queries by “scraping” the Google search suggestions, that are being automatically added by Google under the search window.


You Simply type in the keyword you wish to get suggestions for, just as you are doing with the Google keyword planner.

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