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By Asi Dayan December 11, 2016

What Is Full-Funnel Marketing?

11 Dec 2016

What Is Full-Funnel Marketing?

And why you should definitely switch to it – Take your budget to its full potential with full-funnel marketing. Impact every step of the funnel and dramatically increase your ROI.

Many brands use online marketing, content, and SEO as lead generation tools for sales teams. If you’re one of them, and you ‘re still using this old approach, means you don’t fully take the extremely beneficial advantages of the super-powerful abilities available to marketers today. Harnessing the full-funnel marketing approach enables marketers to control the entire sales funnel and use conversion rate optimization to increase the ROI and drive more sales.

What is full-funnel marketing?

Full-funnel marketing is an advanced marketing approach that doesn’t separate the “lead”, or sign-up stage from the rest of the website sales funnel, and considers every step of the funnel, from prospective visitors to paying customers as a part of the marketing efforts. The Full-funnel marketing approach takes into consideration today’s technology abilities and marketers opportunities to impact each step of the funnel.…

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