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By Asi Dayan February 23, 2017

Stop Choosing the Wrong Facebook Campaign Objective

23 Feb 2017

Stop Choosing the Wrong Facebook Campaign Objective

Choosing the right or wrong campaign objective on Facebook make the difference between a major success to a colossal failure. Learn how to choose the right campaign objective, that really serves your goal. In some cases, It is not necessarily the obvious one.

When setting up a new campaign on Facebook, the first step you are required to do is choosing the campaign objective. The purpose of choosing a campaign objective is letting Facebook know what you are aiming to get with your budget. It can be conversions, leads, website traffic, page likes, and more.

The objective you choose will affect your targeting, optimization options, and ad types. Therefore, you can only choose one objective per campaign.

For example, if you choose Website clicks, your default bid will be per click, and Facebook will optimize your ads to get as many clicks as possible at the optimal price.

There are a few campaign objectives to choose from:


Brand awareness – Make people more familiar with your brand

When choosing Brand awareness as the campaign objective, your campaign is optimized to reach as many people as possible, who are more likely to pay attention to your ads.

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01 Feb 2017

7 Surprising Ways to Improve Your AdWords Campaigns

Optimizing your AdWords campaigns can be a huge headache. Endlessly going through multiple campaigns, ad groups and keywords, is exhausting, and in many cases ineffective. In this post, we will share seven surprising ways you may have never thought of to quickly optimize your AdWords campaigns, and see a huge improvement with very little efforts.

1. Don’t always be number one

Average position is one of the most followed metrics by paid search marketers, who are constantly trying to rank higher than the competition and reach the 1st position. Having your ad appear as the first one at the top of the search results page will certainly get you more traffic, but does it really pay off? The answer is – most likely no!

Being in the first position usually requires a much higher bid compared to what it takes to be second or third, even if you have a high-quality score, and in most cases will dramatically increase your CPA, up to the point that it is not cost effective.…

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26 Jan 2017

5 Weird Google Analytics Issues You’ve Always Wondered About

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool for analyzing and optimizing your website and traffic, but it is far from being simple to use and understand. We often see the same questions being repeatedly asked by various users about weird things in Google Analytics.

We gathered five repeated questions and simplified their answers.

1. Where is the A/B testing section and how to use it?

You’ve probably heard that it is possible to create A/B tests with Google Analytics, but there’s nothing about A/B testing in your account. Well, the ability to create A/B tests exist in your account, but it’s called Experiments, and it’s in the Behavior section of Google Analytics.

As in other A/B testing tools, Google allows you to match two different variations of text, designs or any change you wish to examine and compare their performance, by your selected goal. A goal can be page views, bounce rate, conversions etc.

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09 Jan 2017

The Ultimate Facebook Ads Guide: I Spent $3M on Facebook Ads and This Is Everything I Know About It

The Facebook ads guide to learn absolutely everything there is to know about Facebook ads and how to completely master it to get killer results. Get all the information, tips, hacks and insights in one place.

Let’s get started

Why Facebook ads?

There are endless reasons to use Facebook ads and it will be impossible to count and explain all of them in this post. To make it short – Facebook is currently the most effective digital marketing channel. It’s not only the best in its vast and accurate targeting options, creativity and optimization. In most cases, Facebook is also the cheapest way to achieve your goals. No matter if you are a B2B or a B2C marketer, or if you are promoting a mobile app or a fin-tech startup – Facebook has a great solution for you.

Add that to the fact that people are spending time on Facebook more than other digital channels.…

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23 Nov 2016

The Ridiculously Powerful Facebook Page Engagement Audience

Facebook made it possible for advertisers to create a custom audience based on people who interacted with their Facebook page. This ability opens up a new way for page owners to leverage their Facebook page engagement, and reach those users with highly targeted ads.

Why use the Facebook page custom audience?

The new Facebook page engagement custom audience is a great way to target users who already showed an interest in your product or offer. It is similar to creating remarketing custom audiences, but much easier to get since you can collect people who haven’t made it yet to your website. All they need to do to become a part of your page engagement custom audience is to make any minimal interaction with your Facebook page. As in remarketing, you can segment your audiences by the type of engagement, and display super targeted and relevant ads to the right people. For example, you can create a custom audience that is based specifically on people who interacted with your page posts in the last 7 days and present relevant ads to them according to your published posts from the last seven days.…

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03 Nov 2016

5 Free Tools Every Facebook Advertiser Must Use

Create better ads, know exactly who to target, and plan your campaigns better, to get the most out of your Facebook advertising budget.

The competition on Facebook is increasing and so are the advertising prices. These 5 essential tools will help you get better results, and maximize your Facebook ads budget.

1. – Get creatively inspired (and spy on your competitors)

A key factor to a winning Facebook campaign is the creative. The right creative can greatly enhance the results, and it is crucial to test various creatives and find the winners. Not to mention the importance of seeing what your competitors are doing. allows you to view the creatives used by other Facebook advertisers. Simply enter a brand name to see their Facebook ads. Furthermore, you can click on the URL used in the ad to view its landing page.


You are able to filter your searches by the type of button used in the ad, was it video or static and more.…

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19 Oct 2016

Know Your Traffic :  How to Track with UTM Parameters

Use UTM parameters to know where your traffic and conversions are coming from.

Knowing where your website traffic is coming from can be crucial. Does your traffic come from your social media channels? Or maybe from your blog? Which paid acquisition channel is bringing you more users? Where do you get your highest quality users from?

Fortunately, there is a very easy way to answer those questions by using UTM parameters for tracking.

What are UTM parameters?

UTM parameters are simple additions of tags that can be added to URLs. The UTM parameters contain the needed data for tracking, like which channel and campaign deliver traffic to your website. You decide what to enter as UTM parameters, so it’s easy to identify the different parameters later on when analyzing traffic on Google Analytics (or any other tracking system that supports it like Mixpanel). Once a URL with UTM parameters gets clicked on, Google Analytics gets all the data from the UTM parameters on the URL, and it’s possible to segment the traffic.…

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