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By Asi Dayan September 15, 2016

Power Editor vs Ads Manager – Which One Should You Use?

15 Sep 2016

Power Editor vs Ads Manager – Which One Should You Use?

And what is the difference between them?

Getting killer results with Facebook ads starts with knowing everything about the Ads Manager and Power Editor. There are many powerful features, and more are being added on a weekly basis. Knowing all the Hidden features and little-known facts can be a game changer, in your constant efforts to improve the results of your Facebook campaigns.

What is the Ads Manager?

The Ads Manager is the basic campaign creation and management tool. It went through a major update recently, which made it a much more powerful tool than it was before. In the past, most of the powerful features were available on the Power Editor only, but now Facebook is making the Ads Manager and Power Editor more and more alike. Saying that the Ads Manager is still the more basic tool, and most advertisers especially advanced ones still prefers the Power Editor.

What is the Power Editor?

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