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By Guest Contributor March 07, 2018

Tracking Content Performance through Google Tag Manager Triggers

07 Mar 2018

Tracking Content Performance through Google Tag Manager Triggers

Google Analytics deserves some credit when it comes to getting a comprehensive review of your site’s performance, about its traffic flow, distribution of channels, and how many new users a particular page was able to attract. But that’s merely enough to survive in our aggressive online environment. Sadly, Google Analytics doesn’t have the answers to some of the most asked questions. It’s not going to tell you if your content is up to a certain standard or not. There are different tools, thoroughly described in this article, that will help you choose the right topic, make your post more visually appealing, and also help you with its distribution. As for the metrics, bounce and exit rates are overall good and informative, but you shouldn’t rely on them because you won’t know for sure if a user stayed on your page while diligently reading your content, or if he opened a page, scrolled a few times and went to get a coffee.

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07 Aug 2017

How We Got an OUTRAGEOUS 33% Conversion Rate

This is not another post about conversion rates tips or beautiful landing pages. This post describes our accurate, step-by-step method for conversion rate optimization that got our B2B SaaS landing page a 33% conversion rate, and anyone can follow.

Getting many website visitors is nice, but an absolute waste if you are not able to convert a good portion of them into actual users.

Here at Oribi, we take our conversion rate optimization very seriously and give it a lot of attention and much effort. We optimize our website and landing pages in a very strict, planned and data-driven way.

Our goal and strategy

Our goal was straightforward – Getting people who have never heard of Oribi to sign up for our analytics tool, and install our tracking code on their website.

Our strategy was not only about the creatives and messaging. Our main focus was to run A/B tests, accurately measure our results and be completely data-driven.…

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02 Mar 2017

Supercharge Your SEM with Single Keyword Ad Groups

Outrank your competition, lower your costs, and significantly improve your marketing results and ROI with single-keyword ad groups!

Getting better results from AdWords and Bing Ads can sometimes seem like an impossible mission, especially when competing with large-scale advertisers with deep pockets. Learn why and how to use single-keyword ad groups, to beat your competition and maximize results.

What are single-keyword ad groups?

Single-keyword ad groups are exactly what they sound like – ad groups that contain one keyword only. The only thing that can be a bit confusing, is that it’s actually one keyword, but it can be of different match types, so Google or Bing will actually consider it as two or three keywords, depending on which match types you are using.

A single-keyword ad group with multiple match type will look like this:

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 6.42.59 PM

As you can see, it’s the same keyword “oribi analytics”, but in exact, phrase and modified broad match types.…

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26 Jan 2017

5 Weird Google Analytics Issues You’ve Always Wondered About

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool for analyzing and optimizing your website and traffic, but it is far from being simple to use and understand. We often see the same questions being repeatedly asked by various users about weird things in Google Analytics.

We gathered five repeated questions and simplified their answers.

1. Where is the A/B testing section and how to use it?

You’ve probably heard that it is possible to create A/B tests with Google Analytics, but there’s nothing about A/B testing in your account. Well, the ability to create A/B tests exist in your account, but it’s called Experiments, and it’s in the Behavior section of Google Analytics.

As in other A/B testing tools, Google allows you to match two different variations of text, designs or any change you wish to examine and compare their performance, by your selected goal. A goal can be page views, bounce rate, conversions etc.

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11 Dec 2016

What Is Full-Funnel Marketing?

And why you should definitely switch to it – Take your budget to its full potential with full-funnel marketing. Impact every step of the funnel and dramatically increase your ROI.

Many brands use online marketing, content, and SEO as lead generation tools for sales teams. If you’re one of them, and you ‘re still using this old approach, means you don’t fully take the extremely beneficial advantages of the super-powerful abilities available to marketers today. Harnessing the full-funnel marketing approach enables marketers to control the entire sales funnel and use conversion rate optimization to increase the ROI and drive more sales.

What is full-funnel marketing?

Full-funnel marketing is an advanced marketing approach that doesn’t separate the “lead”, or sign-up stage from the rest of the website sales funnel, and considers every step of the funnel, from prospective visitors to paying customers as a part of the marketing efforts. The Full-funnel marketing approach takes into consideration today’s technology abilities and marketers opportunities to impact each step of the funnel.…

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26 Jan 2016

AdEspresso VS Qwaya – Which tool will help you get better results?

AdEspresso VS Qwaya: An inside look at the features these platforms have to offer,  the onboarding procedures of each and pricing plans. This post will help you decide which Facebook advertising tool is the best choice for your needs.

Take a time machine back to 2013 and you would find Facebook Ads a challenging art to master. Facebook itself has done a lot to improve their classic advertising dashboard, especially the famous Power Editor. But, creating a winning campaign or scaling one is still challenging.

Today there are many products and services built by Facebook Marketing Partners to help advertisers with things that Facebook can’t offer out of the box. Even though there are many Facebook Marketing Partners, very few offer their services to companies with small-to-medium budgets.

AdEspresso and Qwaya are two subscription-based services that don’t require any kind of minimum budget to get started while fitting the majority of Facebook marketers’ needs.

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07 Apr 2014

Distributing Content Marketing – The Complete Guide

Unfortunately, writing great content is not enough in order to build a successful blog. Here are 11 channels to use so people will actually read your awesome posts.

What makes content marketing successful?

In my opinion, it’s 50% about the content and 50% about distributing that content effectively so people will discover your posts. There’s a tipping point where enough people follow your blog and new posts will gain a momentum without you doing anything. It’s usually around 10,000 monthly visitors. However, most people who choose content marketing as their main strategy fail to get there. This post’s goal is to help ensure that your great content is discovered by more people.

Voting websites

Before practicing content marketing, I used blogs/ PR as our main marketing channel. I think the thing I have liked best since switching to content marketing is that it’s a democracy. You don’t need to develop a ‘relationship’ with bloggers, try to hunt them down at conferences or pay an expensive PR firm.…

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