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Iris Shoor
By Iris Shoor November 06, 2012

7 ways to boost downloads in less than a week, for under $1000

06 Nov 2012

7 ways to boost downloads in less than a week, for under $1000

Now that I’ve written about how AutoCAD WS made it from 0 to 10M downloads, here is the extreme version or, in other words – the cheat sheet. While the ‘Guerrilla marketing’ guide is more about the strategy, these are seven quick, cheap and easy to implement tactics that help increase downloads. Each one of these tactics helped us (and other companies) increase our downloads by about 0.5 – 5%. God is in the details, and so is the download rate.

1. Localize the App Store/ Google Play description

Whether the app itself is localized or not, localizing its description in the App Store/ Google Play helps you reach more users by organic search. It also increases the chances that users who reach your app page will end up downloading it. We used online human translation services like OneHourTranslation which worked fine for us. A pretty long description cost us about $75 per language.…

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29 Oct 2012

The Complete Guerrilla Marketing Guide – from 0 to 10M Downloads

A short version of this post was originally posted on TechCrunch.

This post is the result of a long struggle, learning how to market a mobile app –  the main struggle most mobile app entrepreneurs experience.  I’m sharing the lessons I’ve learned, in the hope of shortening other entrepreneurs’ marketing learning curve.

I never planned to become a marketer. I was on the product/ Techy/ UX side of things and was quite happy there. In the (first) startup I co-founded, VisualTao (acquired by Autodesk, the product is now AutoCAD WS) we developed a web and mobile CAD app. The technology was innovative, the product was great and the need was clear. We started marketing it by the book – crafting our positioning and working with a PR agency to approach bloggers. This didn’t work. We went at it a second and third time – tweaking our positioning and website once again, adding more product features and writing to more bloggers.…

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