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By Asi Dayan September 21, 2016

Facebook vs LinkedIn – Why Facebook Is Better for B2B Marketing

21 Sep 2016

Facebook vs LinkedIn – Why Facebook Is Better for B2B Marketing

6 Main reasons B2B marketers should use Facebook ads.

It is common to think that B2B advertisers should use LinkedIn ads first. It makes sense since LinkedIn is a business network, but Facebook is actually a better channel for B2B advertising.

What Makes Facebook better than LinkedIn?

While LinkedIn is great to target people based on their job titles and employers (Facebook can do it as well), it still lacks focused targeting abilities. Furthermore, there’s no decent tracking of the results, whereas LinkedIn launched a conversion tracking pixel as recently as the second half of 2016. Before that, you couldn’t gauge your ad’s performance on the LinkedIn dashboard, beyond impressions and clicks.

Facebook, on the other hand, has better targeting abilities, greater traffic volumes, a better variety of ad types and, is generally, more cost-effective than LinkedIn. In addition, Facebook has a very efficient optimization algorithm that helps scale your campaigns and keep them effective.…

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16 Nov 2015

53 killer tips to boost your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ads

Mastering Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ads can be the key to bringing a massive amount of new leads at low costs. While Google Adwords focus is search driven traffic, advertising on social networks opens a new world of opportunities – new audiences, new ways to reach prospects and amazing segmentation options. The goal of this guide is providing easy to implement hacks which can help you reduce your current advertising costs by 80%.


Starting with some basics before diving into more advanced tips:

1. Don’t compete against yourself, make sure not to run campaigns for the same audience at the same time

Basic but not trivial at all. When you run multiple campaigns in parallel that target the same audience you’re actually competing against yourself, causing the bid to be higher. You obviously don’t want to run only one campaign at a time as the best way to improve your campaigns is to have as many tests as possible.…

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