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By Asi Dayan February 01, 2017

7 Surprising Ways to Improve Your AdWords Campaigns

01 Feb 2017

7 Surprising Ways to Improve Your AdWords Campaigns

Optimizing your AdWords campaigns can be a huge headache. Endlessly going through multiple campaigns, ad groups and keywords, is exhausting, and in many cases ineffective. In this post, we will share seven surprising ways you may have never thought of to quickly optimize your AdWords campaigns, and see a huge improvement with very little efforts.

1. Don’t always be number one

Average position is one of the most followed metrics by paid search marketers, who are constantly trying to rank higher than the competition and reach the 1st position. Having your ad appear as the first one at the top of the search results page will certainly get you more traffic, but does it really pay off? The answer is – most likely no!

Being in the first position usually requires a much higher bid compared to what it takes to be second or third, even if you have a high-quality score, and in most cases will dramatically increase your CPA, up to the point that it is not cost effective.…

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26 Jan 2017

5 Weird Google Analytics Issues You’ve Always Wondered About

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool for analyzing and optimizing your website and traffic, but it is far from being simple to use and understand. We often see the same questions being repeatedly asked by various users about weird things in Google Analytics.

We gathered five repeated questions and simplified their answers.

1. Where is the A/B testing section and how to use it?

You’ve probably heard that it is possible to create A/B tests with Google Analytics, but there’s nothing about A/B testing in your account. Well, the ability to create A/B tests exist in your account, but it’s called Experiments, and it’s in the Behavior section of Google Analytics.

As in other A/B testing tools, Google allows you to match two different variations of text, designs or any change you wish to examine and compare their performance, by your selected goal. A goal can be page views, bounce rate, conversions etc.

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30 Nov 2016

5 Powerful SEM Tools to Crush Your Competitors

Use these SEM tools to rank higher, write better text ads, spy on your competitors strategy, and get more search traffic.

With the increasing competition that is making SEM harder and more expensive, it’s crucial for paid search marketers to know every possible trick and use any possible SEM tool that can help beat the competition.

1. Ubersuggest – Discover more keywords

Most paid search marketers are using the Google Keywords Planner to get new keywords ideas, but there are more search queries to use than what is suggested by Google. Ubersuggest is a free tool that will help you get even more keywords that are not being offered by the Google keyword planner, especially longer ones that are not being used by your competitors.

Ubersuggest offers new search queries by “scraping” the Google search suggestions, that are being automatically added by Google under the search window.


You Simply type in the keyword you wish to get suggestions for, just as you are doing with the Google keyword planner.

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