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By Guest Contributor March 07, 2018

Tracking Content Performance through Google Tag Manager Triggers

07 Mar 2018

Tracking Content Performance through Google Tag Manager Triggers

Google Analytics deserves some credit when it comes to getting a comprehensive review of your site’s performance, about its traffic flow, distribution of channels, and how many new users a particular page was able to attract. But that’s merely enough to survive in our aggressive online environment. Sadly, Google Analytics doesn’t have the answers to some of the most asked questions. It’s not going to tell you if your content is up to a certain standard or not. There are different tools, thoroughly described in this article, that will help you choose the right topic, make your post more visually appealing, and also help you with its distribution. As for the metrics, bounce and exit rates are overall good and informative, but you shouldn’t rely on them because you won’t know for sure if a user stayed on your page while diligently reading your content, or if he opened a page, scrolled a few times and went to get a coffee.

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20 Mar 2017

5 Super Important Things You Can’t Do with Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular analytics tool, but it has a few major disadvantages. Google Analytics is lacking some important capabilities, which can prevent its users from getting really valuable data about their website, and more importantly, about their users, events and conversions, and how to get more of them.

Google Analytics is mainly traffic oriented, and give less emphasis on users, events, and conversions. By using Google Analytics, you will mainly get data about page views, sessions, bounce rates etc. It won’t give you the data you need about your users like who are they, how exactly each of them behaves on your site, what make them convert, and why you get more or less of them.

In this post, we will review the 5 biggest and most important things you simply can’t do with Google Analytics.

1. You can’t track Individual users

As a website owner or an analyst, you probably want to know more about your users like who are they, what’s their IP address, how each of them behaves on your website, and which actions do they perform.…

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26 Jan 2017

5 Weird Google Analytics Issues You’ve Always Wondered About

Google Analytics is an extremely powerful tool for analyzing and optimizing your website and traffic, but it is far from being simple to use and understand. We often see the same questions being repeatedly asked by various users about weird things in Google Analytics.

We gathered five repeated questions and simplified their answers.

1. Where is the A/B testing section and how to use it?

You’ve probably heard that it is possible to create A/B tests with Google Analytics, but there’s nothing about A/B testing in your account. Well, the ability to create A/B tests exist in your account, but it’s called Experiments, and it’s in the Behavior section of Google Analytics.

As in other A/B testing tools, Google allows you to match two different variations of text, designs or any change you wish to examine and compare their performance, by your selected goal. A goal can be page views, bounce rate, conversions etc.

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22 Nov 2016

6 Google Analytics Updates from 2016 You Should Start Using

Now more than ever, it is crucial for every website owner and marketer to take data-driven decisions. Knowing your way around Google analytics and staying updated with the changes and improvements Google is rolling out is a key factor to achieve that. In this post, we will review the six most valuable Google Analytics updates from 2016 and the reasons you should use them.


1. Move Google analytics properties between accounts

Most Google Analytics users have a primary account customized according to their particular needs and preferences, however, some users maintain secondary accounts. This new feature assists the import of all your hard work from one account to other accounts.

You are now able to safely move properties between different Google analytics accounts and change the accounts structure. The relocated property will not be change beyond its location in a different Google analytics account.…

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