Google Analytics & Search console

The most frequently asked questions about integrating the search console and Google Analytics get answered.

How do I combine the Search Console and Google Analytics?

It is possible to link Search Console data and Google Analytics. This is very useful for marketing teams that are focused on SEO because it not only makes it possible to see all the Search Console data in Google Analytics, but it also links it per session. Once you have connected your Google Analytics property with the Search Console, you will be able to access data about all user behavior related to pageviews, events and conversions. Here are instructions from Google on how to link the Google Analytics property and Search Console.

If you have admin access to both the Google Analytics property and Search Console, it should be simple to link the accounts. However, one challenge that many users face is that most search queries that were used to access a site are displayed in the report as “(Other).” They are not shown due to Google Analytics’ privacy settings and high-cardinality dimension processing. Google explains this as follows: “To protect user privacy, Search Analytics doesn’t show all data. For example, we might not track some queries that are made a very small number of times or those that contain personal or sensitive information.

If you are still interested in discovering what these queries were about, it may be better to use the landing page report for organic traffic and check page titles there. Because of the way Google ranks pages in organic search, there is a big chance that the query word is present in the landing page’s page title. Therefore, using page titles can help you to identify the topics that your users are most interested in.

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