Google Analytics demo

Can I use a demo account on GA?

Google has two products for web analytics: Universal Analytics (which is used by most people and to which most people refer when talking about Google Analytics) and Google Analytics 360 (which is part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite).

Universal Analytics is free to use and more limited than Google Analytics 360. The main differences between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 360 concern handling larger volumes of data during collection, the number of available dimensions in reports, integrations with DoubleClick, unsampled reporting and export to BigQuery. Universal Analytics can, therefore, be treated as a demo version of Google Analytics 360. If you have a Google account, you can create a Universal Analytics account for free and test its functionality there.

You can also access a demo Google Analytics account that displays real business data (see here for how to access that account).

To access the demo account, follow the link If you already have a Google Analytics account, the demo Google Analytics account will be connected to your account; if you do not have one, a new Google Analytics account will be created for you.

The demo account is labeled Demo Account (Beta). It has one property (Google Merchandise Store) with the tracking ID UA-54516992-1 and three different views: 1) Master View, 2) Test View and 3) Raw Data View.

This account has enhanced ecommerce data, some custom dimensions and metrics configured, goals, filters, calculated metrics and so on, making it is a great place to see what an organized Google Analytics account looks like.

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