Google Analytics 360

What is Google Analytics 360 and how to get access to it and use it?

What are Google Analytics Premium and Google Analytics 360?

In March 2016, Google launched a new product, the Google Analytics 360 Suite, which includes, along with other tools, Google Analytics 360 ( Google Analytics 360 is simply a new name for the enterprise-level version of Google Analytics, which was previously called Google Analytics Premium.

Google Analytics 360 has the same interface and the same data processing as the free version of Google Analytics, but it has a number of extra integrations, provides access to raw data, has data-driven attribution modelling and more. Most importantly, Google Analytics 360 has much higher data limits. See here and here tables that compare the limits for the standard Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360.

How much does Google Analytics 360 cost?

Google has not provided public pricing information for Google Analytics 360. The cost of Google Analytics 360 varies based on the volume of hits per month, the market your business belongs to and your geolocation. Information from 2015 indicates that the price of Google Analytics Premium starts at $150,000 per year, but this information is probably not up to date, as many factors have changed since then. Speak to Google Analytics sales partners for accurate pricing information based on your specific parameters.

Google does not sell Google Analytics 360 directly, but there are a number of resellers who can sell you the Google Analytics 360 and provide support to configure it to your needs.

You can find the list of Google Analytics partners who provide such services here.

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