Create better ads, know exactly who to target, and plan your campaigns better, to get the most out of your Facebook advertising budget.

The competition on Facebook is increasing and so are the advertising prices. These 5 essential tools will help you get better results, and maximize your Facebook ads budget.

1. – Get creatively inspired (and spy on your competitors)

A key factor to a winning Facebook campaign is the creative. The right creative can greatly enhance the results, and it is crucial to test various creatives and find the winners. Not to mention the importance of seeing what your competitors are doing. allows you to view the creatives used by other Facebook advertisers. Simply enter a brand name to see their Facebook ads. Furthermore, you can click on the URL used in the ad to view its landing page.


You are able to filter your searches by the type of button used in the ad, was it video or static and more. allows you free access to all basic tools. There is an option to get a paid subscription and gain more features and insights. There are 3 levels of pricing with different capabilities.

There’s also a similar tool called Moat, that offers the same options for display banner ads.

tip Tip: Keep a close look on your competitors. If they are mMaintaining the same creative over a period of time it indicates that it is probably their winner. The short-term use of a creative would be an indication that it did not perform well.

2. Canva – Create beautiful images for your ads

Canva is a free design tool that enables you to design your own Facebook ads (as well as your other design requirements), without a designer.

Canva enables you to customize your ad without actually designing it, by simply choosing a layout, background and images, amongst other. Canva is super easy to use and packed with many great, free features. If you don’t find what you need out of the hundreds of free elements, you can purchase extra layouts, backgrounds, icons and basically every designing feature available for only $1.


You will be surprised how easy it is you use Canva, and how beautiful the results are.

3. Audience insights – Get to really know your audience

Facebook allows you to create custom audiences based on your website traffic, customer lists and engagement of users on Facebook.

Despite these audiences being available to target, your knowledge of the users within the audiences is limited. The Facebook audience insights tool provides information on your custom audiences, such as their purchase behavior, household, Facebook activity, and demographics, and much more. Knowing your audience characteristics is a key factor to success.

The audience insights tool helps you ensure that you’re targeting the relevant audience and deliver the right message to the right people.

Simply choose your custom audience and the audience insights tool will provide you with interesting facts about the related users. In addition to that, the audience insights tool compares the available data to everyone on Facebook. For example, an audience of 20% females compared with a 55% general Facebook audience indicates that your offer and/or ads were not relevant to females.


4. Facebook campaign planner – Plan your reach & frequency campaign

With the Facebook campaign planner, you can predict the cost and traffic of your reach & frequency campaigns. Instead of testing live variations of targeting and wasting your budget on ineffective campaigns, simply create multiple variations of campaigns on the planner, to predict costs.

Define the budget, reach and schedule in each variation; and set the frequency you are aiming for, add the variations of targeting, placements, and ad formats. Once your different campaign variations are complete, you can compare them and choose the most cost-effective for your goal reach and frequency.

Read more about the Facebook campaign planner here.

5. Power editor – Create, edit and manage your campaigns at scale.

The Power Editor is Facebook’s advanced advertising tool and it contains all the powerful abilities for advertising on Facebook. It allows you to easily perform bulk actions like creating, editing and duplicating campaigns using just a few clicks. For example, you can duplicate all your ad sets, change the targeting at one click, and upload when you are done. You can download your campaigns to Excel, make many changes on the Excel spreadsheet, and immediately upload all your changes back to Facebook.

If you’re still not using the Power Editor, you should definitely start. The Power Editor is a complex tool and can be a bit overwhelming, especially for beginners, but it is definitely worth mastering.

Read more about the Power Editor here.

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