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Iris Shoor
By Iris Shoor November 16, 2015

53 killer tips to boost your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ads

16 Nov 2015

53 killer tips to boost your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ads

Mastering Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ads can be the key to bringing a massive amount of new leads at low costs. While Google Adwords focus is search driven traffic, advertising on social networks opens a new world of opportunities – new audiences, new ways to reach prospects and amazing segmentation options. The goal of this guide is providing easy to implement hacks which can help you reduce your current advertising costs by 80%.


Starting with some basics before diving into more advanced tips:

1. Don’t compete against yourself, make sure not to run campaigns for the same audience at the same time

Basic but not trivial at all. When you run multiple campaigns in parallel that target the same audience you’re actually competing against yourself, causing the bid to be higher. You obviously don’t want to run only one campaign at a time as the best way to improve your campaigns is to have as many tests as possible.…

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08 Oct 2013

The cold emails that got me meetings at Twitter, LinkedIn and GitHub

And why I stopped asking for intros

Let’s start with the results – Takipi went into public beta about 5 months ago. Although most of our users reached Takipi through different publications and our blog it was also very important for us to get to some large companies and brands. As Takipi requires installation on production servers, you can imagine it’s not an easy sell.

To get there, I used both cold emails and intros. The results – cold emails produced 7 meetings at Twitter, Klout, LinkedIn and more – 5 installations. Intros – 9 meetings which led to 2 installations. I’ve been using mostly cold emails ever since and I’ve learned that with prospects, bloggers, and advisors I get much better results.

Why cold emails work better than intros

  • Find the early adopters – using cold emails flushes out the people who are really interested in trying out a new product.

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06 Jun 2013

The Dark Science Of Naming Your Post : Based On Studying 100 Blogs

Which posts get the most shares? With which title should you pitch your startup to bloggers?

Here’s what I learned from reviewing posts from over 100 blogs, after sorting them from the most shared ones to the least.

I’m in an interesting position these days, I lead the marketing at Takipi and the rest of the team are all developers. Of course, they help with marketing. As you can imagine, having a marketing team made of developers leads to unusual content and methods. It’s absolutely amazing to view marketing from a different perspective and to use code as a marketing tool.
When we started planning our content marketing strategy we looked into different blogs to see which content works best. Now here comes the magic – we used a script (thanks, @erans and Dor Levi) to analyze blogs and sorted all the posts from the most read ones to the ones least shared.…

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