Learn how to adjust your Facebook ad sets budget the right way, and get better results.

The way you adjust your ad sets budget has an effect on the performance of your campaigns. In many cases, advertisers change their ad sets budgets, daily or lifetime according to their performance. The question of how much to increase or decrease budgets is very common for Facebook advertisers and was available only by changing the fixed amount. For example, if your budget was $100 and you wanted to increase it by 10%, you could manually change it to $110.

The new feature gives advertisers the ability to increase or decrease ads sets budgets by percentage, and not just a set number. This feature is familiar to advertisers who also use Google AdWords, and we are very happy it finally comes to Facebook as well. We find it that editing budget by percentage helps us to better scale our Ads Sets than just manually increase it by a certain fixed amount each day.

‘Adjust Ads Set Budget by Percentage’ is available on the Ads Manager and the Power Editor.

Why and when to use ‘Adjust Ads Set Budget by Percentage’?

‘Adjust Ads Set Budget by Percentage’ will help you edit multiple Ads Sets, get more accurate with your budget strategy and get better results.

Increasing or decreasing your budget by percentage is giving you more control over your budget. For example, if you have a successful Ads Set, and you want to increase the budget. Increasing by 10% each day will get you better performance than just adding budgets by uncalculated numbers.

How to use ‘Adjust Ads Set Budget by Percentage’?

Step 1 – Mark the Ads Sets you want to edit.


Step 2 – Click edit, and then Adjust Budgets.


The new budget editing screen will pop up.


Step 3 – In the budget editing pop-up, you can choose to increase, decrease or set a budget by number. In addition to that, you can set a maximum budget to make sure the percentage you set will exceed it. For example, we chose to increase our Ads Sets by 15%, but we set the maximum budget to $100 since we are not interested in spending more than that on those specific Ads Sets.

Tip: When choosing to increase the budget for well-performing Ads Sets, do not increase more than 10 – 20 % at once. It can make your cost per action (The objective you chose) much higher.

Step 4 – Once you set your percentage of increasing/decreasing or a fixed budget, you can review the budget changes. Click “Review Changes” on the lower left side of the pop-up.

The review Changes screen will now pop up.


In ‘Review Changes’ you get a summary of all the budget changes you have made. Once you’re done reviewing your changes, all there’s left to do is click ‘Apply’. If done with the Power Editor, you will need to review changes and upload, like any other action you do on the Power editor. On the Ads Manager, you will need to save after you apply your changes.

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