Last year, Google spread some joy among marketers when offering their visualization tool Data Studio free for unlimited reports. The tool is a heaven for data visualization fans, allowing you to create interactive reports and share it with others – without having to download endless data and building charts in Excel sheets.

Once you have your data available in a Google Sheet and connected with Google Data Studio, you can start connecting the dots and build your reports.

To help you get started, we’ve collected a list of 30 ready-to-go and free templates to serve your needs. Starting with templates every marketer should start using, you can also straight away jump to the more specific fields, namely Website Performance, SEO & Online Advertising, Social Media Management, Content Marketing & Blogs, and eCommerce.

Read on to find the best Data Studio templates for you that will boost your next reports and keep your boss speechless – except for asking you to forward it, maybe.

1) A General Monthly Overview

An interactive monthly overview report that you can share with your colleagues, even if they don’t have access to Google Analytics. Focus on conversion trends, locations, popular pages and best traffic sources.

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2) Your Marketing and SEO Data in 7 Dashboards

The Content Marketing template is an all in one marketing and SEO template which includes the most important metrics related to your business. This template consists of seven types of dashboards.

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3) To Visualize All of Your Digital Marketing KPIs

KPI Snapshot is a comprehensive report that gives you an overall view of the performance of all your digital marketing activities in one place.

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4) Report Your Lead Generations

This report has over 25 pages covering the primary data metrics and dimensions of Google Analytics. The template was created for companies that sell professional services and/ or are focusing on lead generation.


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5) A Beginners’ Template for Nonprofit

This template labels itself as a starter point in order to customize it according to your needs. It incorporates Google Analytics and AdWords data helping your nonprofit interact with important web data to drive impact.

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6) Present Your KPI’s, Website & Ads Performance

This is a template originally developed for law firms. However, it’s a huge report you can use to focus on your KPI’s, website and ads performance as well as calls and chats data – independent of your industry.

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7) Visualize Your Data from Teamwork

If you use Teamwork for your project management, this one is for you. The Teamwork Time report helps you to view the number of hours logged by each member as well as the overall team.

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8) Sum Up All Billing Details Visually

A template that puts the focus on your financials. This report combines Google Cloud’s billing-export-to-BigQuery functionality with Google Data Studio. It provides you with up-to-date billing graphs throughout the day as well as the function to use labels to slice and dice your GCP bill according to how you organize your business and/or applications.

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Templates for Your Website Performance

9) Display Your Users’ Experience

This user experience dashboard focuses on basic UX KPIs to present your qualitative and quantitative studies about your users’ needs in more than blue bar charts.

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10) A Comprehensive Report for Entrepreneurs & Marketers

The Website Performance Dashboard presents your data on a 7-page dashboard. The template was built for entrepreneurs & marketers who are looking to get their insights fast.

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11) Report Technical Performance Indicators of Your Website

Are you interested in the technical performance of your website? This dashboard is based on unsampled, raw, real-time data streamed from a website and app directly into Google BigQuery using OWOX BI Pipeline.

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12) For Websites with a Focus on Video Content

This template is especially interesting for marketers who work with video content. A 4-pages report, focusing on your website and video content performance.

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Templates for SEO & Online Advertising

13) Visualize Your Organic Traffic

This dashboard focuses on SEO report details to easily detect how your SEO efforts are performing.

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14) Your SEO Efforts on Four Pages

The Data Studio SEO report presents your SEO efforts on 4 pages, including general KPIs, keywords position and content performance. Sounds good? Then this template might be for you.

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15) An Overview of Your Facebook Ads

Many digital marketers want to start using Data Studio for their PPC reporting. Are you running Facebook Ads? Here is a Facebook Ads Performance template for you to easily see the results of your efforts and where to optimize.

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16) Paid Channel Mix for Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and Bing Data

A great dashboard for marketers who do online advertising is the Paid Channel Mix template. It gives you an overview of your Adwords, Facebook, Twitter & Bing data.

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Templates for Social Media Management

17) Find Your Most Effective Social Media Channel

The Social Media Channels Dashboard reports your most effective social media channels by giving you a visually clear and easy to understand overview.

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18) Discover Your Highest Performing Channel and Content

Another dashboard by True Social Metrics, that takes it one step further. It provides you with a combined overview of your best performing social media channel while also focusing on the content that showed most engagement and greatest reach.

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19) Content Analysis for Your One Social Media Channel

Your social media efforts are focused on one channel only? Then the Content Analysis template gives you a clear overview of your channel’s performance, such as your top 5 most engaging posts as well as content types by engagement.

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20) Discover High-Level Facebook Insights

You are working with Facebook Insights? Then this 2-page report may be the perfect fit for you if you are a user of Supermetrics. It presents your high-level Facebook Insights, such as Likes, demographics, post reach actions, feedback, and more.

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21) Visual Reports of Your YouTube Channel Performance

If you have an active YouTube account, this dashboard brings your channel metrics and performance into a custom, highly visual presentation.

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Templates for Content Marketing & Blogs

22) Set the Focus on Conversions & Engagement

The Google Analytics dashboard is a 5-page Analytics report for driving conversions or optimizing for engagement. It provides insights into your campaign’s overall performance (the number of sessions, page views, and top countries by users), and breaks down engagement by a campaign, publisher, or title.

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23) Get Insights on Your Blog Content Performance

Do you maintain a blog and are looking for insights into your content performance? This single page report will help you understand which authors and categories resonate the most with your readers.

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24) Track Users’ Online Behavior (for Publishers)

Publishers, who need to view authors and publication statistics and are seeking an easy way to track their data, will love the Online Behavior – Publisher Report. It focused on your data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

Credits to Daniel Waisberg

25) Easy to Digest Report of Your Blog Statistics

A brief, but a high-level overview of your blog statistics that you “can look at for 5 minutes while drinking your coffee”. If you maintain a blog, this one should be on your list to check out.

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Templates for eCommerce

26) A Monthly Overview of Your eCommerce

An interactive Monthly eCommerce Overview report with a focus on revenue, value, most valuable traffic sources and best-selling products.

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27) Visualize Your Revenue and Purchase Data

The Data Studio eCommerce Template focuses on revenue and purchase data. A nice feature is the checkout funnel that shows you the number of people dropping off at each checkout step.

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28) A Basic eCommerce Report

If you are looking for a basic report to display your eCommerce projects, check out the Google Analytics eCommerce template.

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29) Insights Straight from Your Google Analytics Account

Are you looking for a way to display your eCommerce data from your Google Analytics account in a visual-friendly way? This eCommerce Digital Report plugs directly into your Google Analytics account to help you gain insight into your traffic, revenue, AdWords and digital channel performance.

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30) An Extensive Report Covering Your Primary eCommerce Data

If you are looking for a comprehensive report, this Google Analytics Data Studio report has over 25 pages covering the primary data metrics and dimensions of Google Analytics. It targets companies that sell products/ are working in eCommerce.

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