19 Dec 2016 By Asi Dayan

10 Crazy-Effective Chrome Extensions Every Marketer Needs to Use

We wrapped up a list of 10 Chrome extensions that will help you spy on your competitors, grow your distribution, become a better writer and save you a lot of time.

Make these Chrome extensions an essential part of your marketing tools and make your day to day work even more efficient.


1.Google Analytics URL Builder

The Google Analytics URL Builder is basically a hyper version of the of the Google URL builder tool, which allows you to quickly generate links with UTM’s to be tracked on Google analytics, or any other tracking tool you are using. The extension automatically reads the current URL you are on, and all you need to do is add your source, campaign, medium etc.  The extension will automatically generate the final URL link to be used.


2. Google page analytics

The Google Page Analytics Chrome Extension gives you a quick sneak peek into your Google analytics data and allows you to instantly see how your users interact with your website, without the need to open Google analytics in a different tab. The extension icon will be turned on, when you’re on any of your web pages with Google Analytics access, and the page data will instantly pop up.



3. Bitly

Make your long links shorter and personally customized with Bitly. Take any long URL you are using, and Bitly will shorten it with one click. Not only that, it also allows you to customize your links with your own text. For example, a shortened link to the Oribi website will look like that after we shortened it, and gave it custom text: http://bit.ly/Welcome_To_Oribi

Bitly is a must-have tool for social media marketers, since social media posts can be limited with characters, and looks much more appealing with a customized and shortened URL.




4. Grammarly

This one is actually one of my personal favorite tools, which I use all the time. Grammarly is an online proofreading tool, that instantly checks your text for grammar, punctuation, and style, and offers you corrections when needed. Grammarly saved me many times from publishing a post, or sending an email with spelling mistakes since it also catches many mistakes that regular spell checkers usually don’t. Using it on a regular basis can actually make you a better writer. No matter what you are writing, Click on the Grammarly icon and it will go over your text and will correct you if needed.




5. Google dictionary

You will no longer need to browse to the Google dictionary on a different tab once you encounter a word you need to be defined. With The Google dictionary extension, you can do that right on the spot. Highlight any word from the text you are reading or writing, click on the extension icon and the word’s definition will instantly pop up.



6. BuiltWith

BuiltWith is a technology profiling tool by definition, but it’s actually a spying tool. BuiltWith allows you to spy on your competitors and see which tools and technologies they are using on their website. I bet you would love to know which advertising channels your competitors are using for online marketing and user acquisition. Well, with BuiltWith you can easily do that. All you need to do is browse to any website, activate the BuiltWith extension, and you get a list of any technology that is being used on that website, including advertising pixels.



7. Find That Lead

Find that lead is an awesome Chrome extension that will help you to enlarge your emails lists, and get more people to see your newsletters, or become a part of your custom audiences. Find that lead will get you emails of people by their LinkedIn profile. All you need is a first name, last name and their related domain. Find that lead will then run through the various combinations and will find an email registered to LinkedIn. Of course, it doesn’t work 100% of the times, but it can definitely help you grow your distribution.


8. Similar Sites

Find related sites to any website your are browsing with the Similar sites extension. No matter which website you are browsing through, just click on the extension icon, and you will instantly get a list of the 10 most related websites. Each of the suggestions will be displayed with a picture of the homepage and a short description. Similar sites is a great tool to discover all your competitors’ sites, and maybe even go further down the list and find your competitors extended competition.



9. Save to Facebook

Facebook allows you to save any post you see on your news feed, and get back to it later, at the “Saved” section in your Facebook account. With The Save to Facebook extension (that was =created by Facebook), you can save any link to Facebook while you’re browsing the web. It actually makes Facebook your content library, and make it much easier for you to store anything you find interesting, and wish to get back to it later on.


10. Facebook Invite All

Invite all your Facebook friends to an event, group or a page on Facebook with only one click. You can stop manually check mark each person on your friends’ list. Simply click on the Facebook invite all extension icon, and your entire friends’ list will be automatically checked. Now you can invite them all with just one click. This extension is great especially for marketers who frequently create events on Facebook, and prevent them the hassle of manually inviting everyone.


We hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you wish to analyze your website and marketing efforts, and really improve results, you are welcome to try our new analytics tool for Free.