AdEspresso VS Qwaya – Which tool will help you get better results?

AdEspresso VS Qwaya: An inside look at the features these platforms have to offer,  the onboarding procedures of each and pricing plans. This post will help you decide which Facebook advertising tool is the best choice for your needs.

Take a time machine back to 2013 and you would find Facebook Ads a challenging art to master. Facebook itself has done a lot to improve their classic advertising dashboard, especially the famous Power Editor. But, creating a winning campaign or scaling one is still challenging.

Today there are many products and services built by Facebook Marketing Partners to help advertisers with things that Facebook can’t offer out of the box. Even though there are many Facebook Marketing Partners, very few offer their services to companies with small-to-medium budgets.

AdEspresso and Qwaya are two subscription based services that don’t require any kind of minimum budget to get started, while fitting the majority of Facebook marketers’ needs.

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53 killer tips to boost your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ads


Mastering Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn ads can be the key to bringing a massive amount of new leads at low costs. While Google Adwords focus is search driven traffic, advertising on social networks opens a new world of opportunities – new audiences, new ways to reach prospects and amazing segmentation options. The goal of this guide is providing easy to implement hacks which can help you reduce your current advertising costs by 80%.


Starting with some basics before diving into more advanced tips :

1. Don’t compete against yourself, make sure not to run campaigns for the same audience at the same time

Basic but not trivial at all. When you run multiple campaigns in parallel that target the same audience you’re actually competing against yourself, causing the bid to be higher. You obviously don’t want to run only one campaign at a time as the best way to improve your campaigns is to have as many tests as possible.…

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29 B2B Growth Hacks – The ULTIMATE List

Getting companies to buy your product starts with getting individuals to hear about it. Every significant sale starts with one person within the company who likes what you’re doing, likes it enough to push it within the organization. While traditional B2B marketing focus was on getting to the ‘right’ people by reaching them directly, growth hacking lets you reach a much wider audience and dramatically increase your chances to get a champion.

The main difference, as I see it, between standard to B2B growth hacking is that on B2B you usually need to get to a more targeted audience.

Here are 29 ways to it. 22 out of them don’t require any budget. 17 of them will take you less than 1 day.

Do more with your content – B2B content marketing on steroids

Content marketing is usually strongly aligned to blog posts.…

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The Email Templates That Got 50% Of Our Users To Answer

6 ways to get honest user feedback on your product

Building a successful product is all about repeating this cycle as many times as possible :



“Speak with your users” is one of the most common pieces of advice you’ll hear. The problem is that it’s not that easy. You’ll usually hear back from users who had a really good experience with the product, or from those on the other side of the spectrom – users who experienced technical issues. However, the most important segment are the ones in the middle – those who tried out the product but didn’t buy, who thought it was just OK. How do you get these users to tell you what they don’t like about the product?

Over the last year, thanks to the amazing work of Ophir, Chen and Alex, we were able to increase the percentage of users who communicated with us and to get their feedback: we went from around 10% to over 50%.…

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Outsourcing Marketing : How $300/mo on oDesk Boosts Our traction by 14%

I’m a strong believer that marketing is an integral part of product and company strategy. Therefore, it can’t be done by agencies or third parties. I don’t believe someone else can write our posts, manage our blog or plan our campaigns. That is why we try to outsource any generic task. I want my marketing team to focus on creating unique content and ideas, rather than working on tasks that don’t require knowledge of our product/domain. Our average monthly outsourcing budget is around $300. It enables us to publish more posts, create better content and increase our conversation rate. Here are the top tasks we outsource and best practices for doing it:

Research based posts generate more traffic. Use oDesk for the research

When I planned our blog strategy, I researched many different blogs to understand which kind of content becomes viral and attracts a large number of readers. One of the most popular content types was research – interesting data backed by numbers and facts.…

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7 ways we increased our blog’s conversion rate by 260%

Writing great content. Choosing the right headline. Getting people to read it. What’s next? Sometimes we tend to neglect the last and most vital part of content marketing – converting blog readers to users.

Think of it this way: increasing the conversion from your blog by even 10% gives the same result as raising the traffic by 10% or writing 10% more posts.

With small tweaks, it’s possible to double or triple the conversion rate, which is the end target. Most of the time, increasing the conversion rate can be done easily by adding a certain button or the right link.

First of all : choose one call to action.

When we first started our blog, one of the major call to actions was “subscribe to our newsletter.”

We found out that users who subscribed were unlikely to check out the homepage and sign up for the product. Therefore, we decided to remove this call to action and focus on converting more users from the blog to our homepage.…

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Distributing Content Marketing – The Complete Guide

Unfortunately, writing great content is not enough in order to build a successful blog. Here are 11 channels to use so people will actually read your awesome posts.

What makes content marketing successful?

In my opinion it’s 50% about the content, and 50% about distributing that content effectively so people will discover your posts. There’s a tipping point where enough people follow your blog and new posts will gain a momentum without you doing anything. It’s usually around 10,000 monthly visitors. However, most people who choose content marketing as their main strategy fail to get there. This post’s goal is to help ensure that your great content is discovered by more people.

Voting websites

Before practicing content marketing, I used blogs/ PR as our main marketing channel. I think the thing I have liked best since switching to content marketing is that it’s a democracy. You don’t need to develop a ‘relationship’ with bloggers, try to hunt them down at conferences or pay an expensive PR firm.…

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