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By Guest Contributor 07 Mar 2018

Tracking Content Performance through Google Tag Manager Triggers

Google Analytics deserves some credit when it comes to getting a comprehensive review of your site’s performance, about its traffic flow, distribution of channels, and how many new users a particular page was able to attract. But that’s merely enough to survive in our aggressive online environment. Sadly, Google Analytics doesn’t have the answers to…

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By Guest Contributor 15 Feb 2018

How Analytics Can Inform Branding on Your Website

Branding should be agile. This is about showing your audience you’re listening and you’re paying attention to what they value. This isn’t about changing the core of your brand. This is about adjusting focus and altering images while remaining contiguous to your core. Think of branding as identity and substance. Your actions define your brand…

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By Sara Nelissen 31 Jan 2018

30 Must-Try Google Data Studio Templates for Every Marketer

Last year, Google spread some joy among marketers when offering their visualization tool Data Studio free for unlimited reports. The tool is a heaven for data visualization fans, allowing you to create interactive reports and share it with others – without having to download endless data and building charts in Excel sheets. Once you have…

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Iris Shoor

By Iris Shoor 11 Jan 2018

We analyzed 50 ‘Marketing Projections for 2018’ posts. Which trends repeat the most?

Over the last couple of weeks, leading marketing blogs released their projections for 2018 – Which trends will dominate the market? Which topics will remain hot? Which trends are about to die? It’s no secret that the best way to get to accurate projections is via the ‘wisdom of the crowd.’ So, we selected 50…

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